Top 10 Movie Worlds It Would Be Awesome To Live In

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This is a film based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel with the same name. While I don’t read any of the Scott Pilgrim novels, I still got engrossed in the film. Scott Pilgrim is the bassist of his garage rock band Sex Bob-omb who one day, befriends with Ramona Flowers who turns out to be the girl of his dreams. But in order to win her, Scott must stand up and destroy Ramona’s seven exes. Is there anything better than a world in which you can summon ultra-super cool insane powers just to kick the ass of your girlfriend’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends? Don’t answer that because I already know the answer.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

This movie world actually shows bits of superstitious and reality from the past of our world. But nonetheless the fictional part shows the best thing to be a part of. Many of us have fantasized to go on an adventure or more like a treasure hunt with the great Jack Sparrow (forgot to mention Captain). Even if those were the times which we people can’t live in because of the ease the modern world has provided us. But many of us hunger for the type of adventure shown in the movie world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

3. Space Jam / Looney Tunes Back in Action

 The people who have seen these movies can understand the true reason behind the awesomeness of their worlds. In these movies there are real and alive people along with the cartoon characters living in the same world. It’s like a dream come true since when you were a child. Everybody has grown up watching cartoons and one of the most popular one were the Looney tunes. Their famous characters were Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Sylvester etc. So for a second think as a child and imagine to be living in a world where all your favourite cartoons were real and were living right beside you. Wouldn’t that be great? I definitely would love that to happen.

2. The Matrix

After seeing the title few people might be thinking that they don’t ever want to be a part of The Matrix world because the machines have overthrown the mankind. But there will be many people like me who would die to be a part of this world. In the Matrix world, man is shown to be in the last stages of advancement. To save their race, man uses the power of machines to overthrow the same things. And the main character possesses the power to beat the machines at their own game. This movie world is simply brilliant because humans are able to become the part of the computer program and just by updating their program they can do anything, and I do mean ‘ANYTHING’.

1. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter world is by far the best world to live. The reason is because of the existence of magic. Who doesn’t love magic? Every potter head would kill to just spend few minutes in this world. You are taught magic in a brilliant school, where on taking every step you face an awesome adventure. You can do anything so easily with the help of magic. Who wouldn’t want that? To everyone who have seen the movies or have read the books, I can guarantee that they would have dissolved so much in the story that anything beside it doesn’t matter. And even when the story finished I saw people crying with my own eyes as if the world has ended for them. I personally am a Potter Head and I would love to be in the Harry Potter world.


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