Computer aides’ e-shops thriving on hot deals

Consumer electronics and computer software were among the top product categories sought after by online shoppers in the third quarter of 2011, according to ComScore.

The global leader in monitoring ecommerce trends has said in its quarter report that not less than 15 per cent growth was registered in sales of digital goods, tablets, and consumer electronics.

Overall, internet retailers ringed up $36.3 billion sales for the 3rd quarter (July-Sept), showing 13 per cent surge as compared to $32 billion in the corresponding period a year ago.

Undeniably, the pervasive promotional campaigns launched by advertisers and publishers on the cyberspace persuaded and are still hooking apt shoppers to the best deals during the first month of holiday season.

Internet retailers are introducing a flurry of hot deals to catch the attention of consumers who have lot of choices and shell out money only when satisfied with the sales pitch.

When it comes to consumer electronics that are extremely dynamics and prices of which are deeply skewed, internet world is studded with diversified outlets offering dedicatedly computer and computer related accessories from laptops, desktops, hard drives, software, memory/RAM, and printer to tablets, e-readers, and other communication gadgets.

As holiday season has been bloomed fully with special days including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, etc. showering incredible discounts on a score of goods and services, cyber retailers have come into action to monetize their ideas by directly providing customers with steep price cuts.

For example, Tigerdirect—a Miami-based ecommerce shop—seems fully prepared to bank on the rising traffics of customers in two months (November and December). Although a month is to go before price promotions gala comes to an end but for daily deal websites and few other discount houses, e-sellers have raved up their sales promotions hankering for breaking sale records.

Will their dreams be fulfilled? There is a bright possibility. Amazon, Apple, Walmart, BestBuy and other topnotch e-retailers have recorded good figures in earlier part of November. had put a banner on its main landing page to attract bargain hunters towards its 50,000 computer accessories and consumer electronics. Yes 50,000 items. The online retailer has been ranked among top 25 internet retailers by New York Times.

The company is a subsidiary of NYSE-listed Systemax Inc. that raked in $2.7 billion sale revenue for nine months ending September 2011 with gross profits recorded at $390 million.

Lending supports to the advertisers, daily deal websites are generating new customers for them through daily deals.

A deal of the day is the best way to take hold of low-priced goods or service. Technical geeks prefer to comb through coveted products in the cyberspace, which does not only provide them with a variety of buying options, but also boost their abilities to compare prices.

Tigerdirect is not the only computer e-shop. There are several portals featuring incredible bargains for the internet users. Many of them claim to carry free delivery or shipping nationwide and few of them have international delivery arrangements too.


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